Big Daddy's Drum Sample Libraries

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Big Daddy Drums - Volume 1

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Demo recorded in Reason using the Full Kit and Slight Muffle Loose snare samples.

Drums used in this library.

22" X 16" Mahogany shell bass drum w/med. ply clear batter

head and a med. ply ebony resonant head w/4" port.

12" X 8" and 16" X 16" Mahogany shell toms w/single ply medium batter head

and thin ply resonant head.

Manufactured by Pulse Percussion.

13" X 3.5" nickel over brass 1920's Ludwig snare w/Remo coated ambassador batter

head and Remo snare side head. Original snares used.

Cymbals used.

Zildjian New Beat hi hats.

Zildjian A Custom thin crash.

Zilco 13" splash.

Pulse 18" medium crash/ride.

Sabian 16" AA Thin crash

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