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 Reach for the Stars@Central Crossing High School 


"Creating quality Video and Audio projects that will impress you, your friends, and clients and at an affordable price - is my goal."- Jason Bockis, Owner

I began working with audio and video in 2002 when I was challenged to produce quality archival footage for a local musical group.  I knew it could be done with a higher regard to picture image, audio reproduction and editing than was being done at the time.

Thus began my journey into Videography and Post-Production Editing.

I have taken what initially was a hobby and am now working on offering my services through JB Media Design.   

For now this is a part-time venture.  All projects I accept, I promise to work towards creating the media exactly as you envision it.

My specialty is in filming live events in High Definition (concerts, recitals, musicals) with multiple camera angles, and in short comic/music videos.  

Final output can be supplied as a Blu-Ray DVD, Standard Definitition DVD, CD, or computer file for video site uploads.

Please feel free to contact me for a list of availability and project quotes. I am proud to operate a LGBT friendly business and support our local Columbus, Ohio community.

I thank you in advance for your interest!

Jason Bockis

JB Media Design LLC , Owner


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