~~ Universal Abundance Reiki* Master Distance Attunement, Free with Healing by Phone Session. ~~
The Universal Abundance Reiki Master, Distance Attunement is offered Free at beginning of your first regular phone session, assisting in moving your life forward, and getting the most from our call.

Clients Have Reported Greater Peace and Fulfillment, Less Pain and Deeper Comfort in the Body, Financial Gain, or More Balance in Their Lives!
  ~~~ Client Testimonial: "Hi! Have been feeling really good. My phone session with you was just marvelous. Something is different - I am confident, have a calmer focus, knowledge and ability to go forward based on my own hunch, without the worry. Good things have come my way - a perfect assignment at work just materialized this afternoon!" N.M., TX ~~~

  It is my great pleasure to facilitate your call. Thank you for your interest. As you talk about your concerns or questions during your Healing by Phone call, creative healing is sent to you--Universal Abundance Reiki (RAY-kee). This gentle Energy aids in release of life concerns, for better opportunities, lifting your path, especially with daily use. Insight given for higher understanding.

  Please note: Universal Abundance Reiki, and Egyptian Healing Rods Energy, are wonderful "Tools" to assist, as we take responsibility for our lives. Insight can be given, often with suggestions one might do to encourage healing.

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  ~~~ Client Testimonial: "Karen, the very evening you sent Universal Abundance Reiki for me and my honey, I started feeling better. I had been sick to my stomach, with aching joints. He is feeling better too, and went out for the first time in a month. We seem to be on the same level too, now. Things are much better." L.B., WA ~~~

  ~~~ Client Testimonial: "I have been especially stuck for over a year in my finances and lack of employment. Just started sending Universal Abundance Reiki for this, and within three days two friends told me to apply to a certain place for work. I called, and they are very interested in hiring me, and I can get my internship with them too, which is an unexpected, added plus! Universal Abundance Reiki works, thank you!" M.F., CA ~~~

  ~~~ Client Testimonial: "Karen, I was amazed that when you sent Reiki for physical help to me the pain in my back suddenly was gone. I am a believer! Thanks very much for this. I have used Universal Abundance Reiki...when I begin feeling pain. Then I get relief. Bless you for sharing this with me." A.B., UT ~~~

  I send Universal Abundance Reiki to you during our session, and for at least a week following call. Once you are Attuned to receive, and with your daily activation of this wonderful flow, further opportunities are created for deeper harmony and well-being, as it awakens the heart to higher purpose.

  This new form of specialized Reiki helps release personal limitations, promoting greater balance and ease. Simple to use and pass on. Only one Attunement necessary. No symbols to learn, nor special body positions. Usually used without need to touch.

  An Attunement (in this case, the simple, verbal process by phone) allows you to continue to aid your life by using the Energy daily, and if wish, to Attune others, so they may use it!

  The simple Attunement allows you to use this healing Energy for yourself, or send this Reiki to assist others, anytime, and if wish, even to make (Attune) new U.A. Reiki Masters.

  Your entire being will channel U.A. Reiki, not just through the hands, and to any distance. Activated through intention, will run, then stop automatically. The two page E-manual included. copyright © 2008 Karen Burch

  *Reiki (RAY-kee) is a method of natural healing. A Japanese word that can be translated as meaning: God's wisdom, and, Universal Life Force. First given in the early 1900's to Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. Practitioners have traditionally channeled this Life Force frequency through the hands, balancing the body's energy centers, promoting healing. In recent years, additional forms of Reiki methods have become available, not associated with the Usui lineage.

  Each person's experience, and timing are unique. One has to inwardly allow Universal Abundance Reiki to work within, or benefits would be limited. Universal Abundance Reiki, Egyptian Healing Rods Energy, or Healing by Phone Sessions do not replace medical assistance, or common sense.