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The NML is a Strat-O-Matic baseball league, entering its 21st season. We expanded to 16 teams in 2006, but we are always looking for new enthusiastic managers willing to face a challenge. This is a salary format league, utilizing contracts, free-agency, protected farm systems, soft salary cap, and bonus point system based on team performance. We also implement a division realignment every year, similar to that of English Premier Football (Soccer). We have a great group of guys that enjoy spirited competition.

Congratulations to Jon Gordon and the 2020

 Darwin Cup Champion Worcester Tornadoes!!

  Darwin Cup Box Scores

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic there have been some one time rule adjustments pertaining to eligibility requirements and player usage for the 2021 season only. These adjustments to the rules can be found at the top of the By-Laws page.

The 2021 bidding wars are done, hope you all enjoyed it and got all your holes filled without taking too bad a beating. Next up is your free agent decisions, the guidelines are posted below  and need to be in to Seth by Sunday March 7th no later than 10 pm. As always Seth did another great job running the free agent draft again this year, Thanks Seth your hard work is greatly appreciated.

FA Results
I will give you all until Sunday night 10pm EST to make your decisions. Of course, the sooner the better.  All FA decisions must be made at that time.
Trading is re-opened.

For non-bid FAs, either release them for 250 pts or sign them. I will take all other roster decisions also. The sooner you get me your roster decisions, the sooner I can set up the General Draft site. Decisions need to be made on all players with a '0' in Column D. At that point, you must be below the salary cap. Please make all roster decisions by Tuesday 3/9.
Do not make quick decisions to release your non-bid RFAs since there may be interest in them as things sort their way out. Once you announce a release, it cannot be rescinded.

For bid FAs, you may either match the bid or release the player to the winning team for compensation. You may either take a compensatory draft pick as below or take 500 pts.

Annual Bid Salary           Pick    
10,000+ points               First & Second Round Compensation Picks    
6,000 9,999 points       First Round Compensation Pick    
3,000 5,999 points       Second Round Compensation Pick    
1,500 2,999 points       Third Round Compensation Pick    
Less Than 1,500 points   Fourth Round Compensation Pick

When posting your decision please make sure you say what you are choosing for compensation. Also if you do not indicate the contract, it will be the bid contract.
I will do my best to update the roster file after decisions are made and will be using stratdraft for the general draft again. It does take a while to get that set up, so be patient.  I am targeting the week of the 15th for the General Draft

2021 General Draft
Pick Retained                      
  Pick Traded                      
  Comp Pick                      
# Round 1 Player # Round 2 Player # Round 3 Player # Round 4 Player  
1 Homestead     Houston     San Joaquin     San Joaquin    
2 Haven     Houston     Houston     Houston    
3 Charleston     Charleston     Charleston     Charleston    
4 Havend     Houston     Homestead     Homestead    
5 Niagara Falls     Niagara Falls     Niagara Falls     Niagara Falls    
6 California     California     Yonkers     California    
7 Hartford     Hartford     Hartford     Hartford    
8 Long Island     Long Island     Long Island     Long Island    
9 Minnesota     Haven     Minnesota     Minnesota    
10 Phoenix     Phoenix     Phoenix     Phoenix    
11 Yonkers     Haven     Yonkers     Yonkers    
12 Yonkers     California     San Joaquin     Worcester    
13 Monroe     Monroe     Monroe     Monroe    
14 Northeast     Northeast     Northeast     Northeast    
15 California     New Britain     New Britain     New Britain    
16 Worcester     Worcester     Worcester     Worcester    
# Round 5 Player # Round 6 Player # Round 7 Player # Round 8 Player  
  San Joaquin     Haven     Haven     Haven    
  Houston     Houston     Houston     Houston    
  Charleston     Charleston     Charleston     Charleston    
  Homestead     Homestead     Homestead     Homestead    
  Niagara Falls     Niagara Falls     Niagara Falls     Niagara Falls    
  California     California     California     California    
  Hartford     Hartford     Hartford     Hartford    
  Long Island     Long Island     Long Island     Long Island    
  Minnesota     Minnesota     Minnesota     Minnesota    
  Phoenix     Phoenix     Phoenix     Phoenix    
  Yonkers     Yonkers     Yonkers     Yonkers    
  Haven     San Joaquin     San Joaquin     San Joaquin    
  Monroe     Monroe     Monroe     Monroe    
  Northeast     Northeast     Northeast     Northeast    
  New Britain     New Britain     New Britain     New Britain    
  Worcester     Worcester     Worcester     Worcester    

  2020 power ratings

Click the button below to see this years power ratings. 
Power Ratings

2020 League Standings
Nietzchean              WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
 Worcester WOT          103  59  .636 ----  *WON* 
 New Britain NBR         98  64  .605  5.0        
 Northeast NEN           98  64  .605  5.0        
 Monroe MON              91  71  .562 12.0        
 Monongahela MOM         87  75  .537 16.0        
 Long Island LIS         78  84  .481 25.0        
 Niagara Falls NFD       73  89  .451 30.0        
 Haven HAV               60 102  .370 43.0        
Socratic                WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
 San Joaquin SJV         87  75  .537 ----  *WON* 
 Phoenix PHX             86  76  .531  1.0        
 Minnesota MIN           85  77  .525  2.0        
 Hartford HDB            76  86  .469 11.0        
 California CAS          74  88  .457 13.0        
 Homestead HSG           69  93  .426 18.0        
 Charleston CHR          67  95  .414 20.0        
 Rock River RRR          64  98  .395 23.0        

2020 Team of the Month

April May  June July  August September
15-9 20-9 21-8 17-10 20-7 18-8

2020 Triple Crown Leaders
    BATTING AVERAGE                HOMERUNS               RUNS BATTED IN  
 C.Yelich      NBR  .352   E.Suarez      SJV    59   E.Suarez      SJV   154   
 O.Albies      WOT  .320   P.Alonso      MON    54   R.Devers      NEN   129   
 M.Canha       SJV  .319   F.Freeman     MOM    47   F.Freeman     MOM   128   
 Y.Moncada     NEN  .318   C.Yelich      NBR    47   M.Olson       NEN   126   
 J.McNeil      MON  .318   J.Bell        CAS    47   C.Bellinger   WOT   122   
 K.Newman      HSG  .318   J.Soler       MOM    43   C.Yelich      NBR   120   
 G.Springer    PHX  .306   M.Betts       NEN    43   B.Harper      NBR   116   
 C.Bellinger   WOT  .305   B.Harper      NBR    43   J.Bell        CAS   116   
 R.Devers      NEN  .304   M.Olson       NEN    42   A.Bregman     WOT   113   
 A.Meadows     HAV  .303   E.Encarnacion MIN    41   X.Bogaerts    NEN   110   
           WINS                      ERA                    STRIKEOUTS  
 J.Verlander   WOT    21   W.Buehler     PHX  3.10   G.Cole        LIS   373   
 J.Degrom      MON    20   S.Strasburg   WOT  3.19   J.Verlander   WOT   350   
 W.Buehler     PHX    20   J.Degrom      MON  3.21   J.Degrom      MON   330   
 T.Bauer       NBR    20   C.Morton      HDB  3.28   J.Flaherty    CHR   306   
 S.Strasburg   WOT    19   K.Maeda       SJV  3.39   S.Bieber      NFD   294   
 C.Morton      HDB    18   G.Cole        LIS  3.43   S.Strasburg   WOT   292   
 P.Corbin      MIN    17   J.Verlander   WOT  3.44   L.Giolito     RRR   291   
 L.Lynn        NEN    17   M.Gonzales    NFD  3.46   T.Bauer       NBR   282   
 G.Cole        LIS    16   M.Soroka      MOM  3.47   M.Boyd        HDB   282   
 W.Miley       SJV    16   M.Clevinger   NBR  3.67   M.Scherzer    CAS   269   

2021 NMLSOM Division Lineups

Nietzchean Division Socratic Division
Monroe Matadors Charleston Magpies
Long Island Sound Haven Horsemen
Minnesota Northern Lights San Joaquin Valley Wasps
Phoenix Thunder California Surf
Yonkers Cobras Houston Toros
New Britain Rock Cats Niagara Falls Daredevils
Northeast Neanderthals Homestead Grays
Worcester Tornadoes Hartford Dark Blues

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