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The NML is a Strat-O-Matic baseball league, entering its 22nd season. We expanded to 16 teams in 2006, but we are always looking for new enthusiastic managers willing to face a challenge. This is a salary format league, utilizing contracts, free-agency, protected farm systems, soft salary cap, and bonus point system based on team performance. We also implement a division realignment every year, similar to that of English Premier Football (Soccer). We have a great group of guys that enjoy spirited competition.

Congratulations to Derek Lyon and the 2021

 Darwin Cup Champion San Joaquin Valley Wasps!!

  Darwin Cup Box Scores

2022 New Millenium Playoffs
Division Series
San Joaquin Valley defeats Niagara Falls 4 games to 3
Northeast defeats Monroe 4 games to 1
Homestead defeats Worcester 4 games to 1 
California defeats Phoenix 4 games to 1
Division Championship Series
San Joaquin Valley defeats Northeast 4 games to 2
Homestead defeats California 4 games to 3
Darwin Cup 

 San Joaquin Valley vs Homestead

The 2022 season results are final and we have the following teams going to the playoffs. Niagara Falls, Monroe, Northeast and San Joaquin Valley in the Nietzchean division and Homestead, California, Phoenix and Worcester in the Socratic division. The preseason power ratings predicted seven of the eight playoff teams the only miss being Charleston who were beaten out for the 8th playoff spot by Worcester. The Homestead Grays finished first in their division with an historic season as they tied for the second best record in league history with 125 wins. Niagara Falls finished atop the Nietzchean with 103 wins, tied with Monroe but they take the top seed via the head to head tie breaker. Congrats to Steve and Carl on their division titles and special congrats to Rich Molino and the Matadors for their 18th consecutive playoff appearance, a record that will live in infamy. We had three teams tied for Team of the Month honors, Homestead for the fourth time and Niagara Falls and Charleston each made their first appearance. We also need to congratulate Worcester's Shane McClanahan for his remarkable no-hit performance against Haven on 9/23 highlighted with 21 strikeouts, incredible. Good luck to the playoff teams and thank you all for making our 22nd NML season another success.

The experts in Lost Vegas have posted the latest power ratings following the General draft and it looks like we will all be chasing the Homestead Grays and defending champ San Joaquin Valley Wasps during the hot summer months ahead if the numbers are correct. Remember though that the experts aren't always right and they have left out the element of a human manager, your managing skills can make all the difference in the final standings leading up to the exciting and unpredictable playoffs. 

Click the button below to see this years power ratings. 
Power Ratings

2022 Final League Standings
Nietzchean Division WON LOST PCT GB
Niagara Falls Daredevils 103 59 0.636 ----
Monroe Matadors 103 59 0.636 ----
Northeast Neanderthals 95 67 0.586 8
San Joaquin Valley Wasps 88 74 0.543 15
Long Island Sound 76 86 0.469 27
Minnesota Northern Lights 74 88 0.457 29
Yonkers Cobras 62 100 0.383 41
Maine Marauders 44 118 0.272 59
Socratic Division WON LOST PCT GB
Homestead Grays 125 37 0.772 ----
California Surf 99 63 0.611 26
Phoenix Thunder 86 76 0.531 39
Worcester Tornadoes 80 82 0.494 45
Charleston Magpies 78 84 0.481 47
Houston Toros 66 96 0.407 59
Haven Horsemen 61 101 0.377 64
Hartford Dark Blues 56 106 0.346 69

2022 Team of the Month

April May  June July  August September
18-6 25-4 23-6 25-2 20-7 19-7
18-6         19-7

2022 Triple Crown Leaders
 ----BATTING AVERAGE----   --------HOMERUNS-------   -----RUNS BATTED IN----  
 V.Guerrero Jr MIN  .319   V.Guerrero Jr MIN    52   V.Guerrero Jr MIN   130   
 A.Verdugo     PHX  .319   S.Perez       SJV    52   S.Perez       SJV   130   
 Y.Gurriel     HDB  .310   A.Duvall      NEN    49   R.Devers      NEN   124   
 N.Lopez       WOT  .310   S.Ohtani      HSG    46   P.Goldschmidt CAS   124   
 B.Reynolds    PHX  .307   M.Olson       NEN    45   M.Olson       NEN   122   
 J.Soto        SJV  .304   T.O'Neill     NFD    45   S.Ohtani      HSG   122   
 J.Walsh       LIS  .303   R.Devers      NEN    44   P.Alonso      MON   118   
 F.Freeman     YOC  .301   F.Tatis Jr    HSG    43   F.Tatis Jr    HSG   116   
 Y.Moncada     NEN  .300   P.Goldschmidt CAS    42   N.Arenado     NFD   113   
 P.Goldschmidt CAS  .296   P.Alonso      MON    41   Y.Alvarez     WOT   110   
 B.Crawford    CAS  .295   J.Gallo       PHX    40   A.Duvall      NEN   108   
 F.Tatis Jr    HSG  .294   OTHERS TIED WITH     39   J.Ramirez     MIN   105   
 ----------WINS---------   ----------ERA----------   -------STRIKEOUTS------  
 M.Scherzer    WOT    21   W.Buehler     PHX  2.46   M.Scherzer    WOT   369   
 A.Wainwright  MON    20   C.Morton      CAS  2.55   F.Peralta     SJV   312   
 W.Buehler     PHX    20   C.Bassitt     NFD  2.78   G.Cole        LIS   309   
 J.Berrios     MMA    20   L.Lynn        NEN  2.79   D.Cease       HDB   286   
 F.Montas      CAS    19   S.Alcantara   CHR  2.87   Z.Wheeler     MON   267   
 B.Woodruff    HSG    19   Z.Wheeler     MON  2.94   C.Morton      CAS   262   
 Z.Wheeler     MON    18   J.Urias       HSG  3.01   C.Burnes      YOC   259   
 J.Musgrove    CAS    18   B.Woodruff    HSG  3.05   L.Giolito     HOT   248   
 L.Lynn        NEN    17   M.Scherzer    WOT  3.27   B.Woodruff    HSG   246   
 F.Peralta     SJV    17   L.McCullers   HSG  3.44   Y.Darvish     MIN   241   
 A.Desclafani  SJV    17   J.Musgrove    CAS  3.61   F.Montas      CAS   232   
 J.Urias       HSG    17   C.Quantrill   MON  3.68   S.Alcantara   CHR   224   

2022 NMLSOM Division Lineups

Nietzchean Division Socratic Division
Monroe Matadors Charleston Magpies
Long Island Sound Haven Horsemen
Minnesota Northern Lights Phoenix Thunder
Niagara Falls Daredevils California Surf
Yonkers Cobras Houston Toros
Maine Marauders Worcester Tornadoes
Northeast Neanderthals Homestead Grays
San Joaquin Valley Wasps Hartford Dark Blues

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