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The NML is a Strat-O-Matic baseball league, entering its 19th season. We expanded to 16 teams in 2006, but we are always looking for new enthusiastic managers willing to face a challenge. This is a salary format league, utilizing contracts, free-agency, protected farm systems, soft salary cap, and bonus point system based on team performance. We also implement a division realignment every year, similar to that of English Premier Football (Soccer). We have a great group of guys that enjoy spirited competition.

Congratulations to Seth Greenspan and the 2018

 Darwin Cup Champion Long Island Sound!!

  Darwin Cup Box Scores

We now have 5 months under our belts with one to go. Heading into September it looks like Monroe and New Britain in the Nietzchean division  and Haven, Worcester and Fort Lauderdale in the Socratic division have pretty much locked up 5 of the 8 playoff berths leaving 3 spots still up for grabs. Still alive for 2 spots in the Nietzchean are Long Island, Northeast, Monongahela and hanging in with an outside shot is San Joaquin Valley. In the Socratic, Minnesota, Rock River and Homestead will battle for the final spot. All of this month's games are played within the division so it should be an exciting finish to the regular season. Monroe and New Britain and Haven and Worcester will still be battling for division titles and top seeding in the playoffs. Congratulations to Jon Gordon and his Worcester Tornadoes for earning their third Team of the Month honor this year with a 19-8 mark in August, Minnesota was runner up at 18-9, well done guys. The playball game file for this month's games can be downloaded from the cloud within the game or from slack. Good luck to everyone this month.

  2019 power ratings including projected ratings for 2020
Click the button below to see this years power ratings plus projected ratings for 2020 based on current real time MLB player stats. The projected ratings will 
change on a daily basis as the players real time stats get updated using the Strat Card Projector. I will try to update the ratings at least once a week. 
The 2020 projections should change dramatically as the season progresses so have some fun following your teams progress or lack of progress.
Power Ratings

2019 League Standings
Nietzchean              WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
 Monroe MON              79  57  .581 ----    24  
 New Britain NBR         76  60  .559  3.0        
 Long Island LIS         70  66  .515  9.0        
 Northeast NEN           68  68  .500 11.0        
 Monongahela MOM         68  68  .500 11.0        
 San Joaquin SJV         62  74  .456 17.0        
 Niagara Falls NFD       59  77  .434 20.0        
 Phoenix PHX             45  91  .331 34.0        
Socratic                WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
 Haven HAV               91  45  .669 ----    22  
 Worcester WOT           86  50  .632  5.0        
 Fort Lauderdale FLP     81  55  .596 10.0        
 Minnesota MIN           72  64  .529 19.0        
 Rock River RRR          69  67  .507 22.0        
 Homestead HSG           67  69  .493 24.0        
 Hartford HDB            50  86  .368 41.0        
 California CAS          45  91  .331 46.0        

Team of the Month

April May  June July  August September
16-8 21-8 19-10 19-8 19-8  
16-8    19-10 19-8    
2019 Triple Crown Leaders
L.Cain        MON  .345 J.Ramirez     MIN    47 M.Carpenter   LIS   112
M.Betts       NEN  .335 M.Carpenter   LIS    45 M.Betts       NEN   104
F.Freeman     MOM  .310 J.Gallo       RRR    45 J.Ramirez     MIN   103
J.Turner      MOM  .309 K.Davis       HSG    41 M.Olson       NEN    99
M.Trout       SJV  .308 M.Betts       NEN    39 J.Gallo       RRR    96
J.Baez        HSG  .308 A.Rendon      HSG    39 G.Stanton     SJV    96 
B.Zobrist     NBR  .307 M.Trout       SJV    36  M.Machado     FLP    96
J.Martinez    FLP  .305 J.Martinez    WOT    36 M.Trout       SJV    91
A.Rendon      HSG  .304 J.Aguilar     MIN    34

K.Davis       HSG    89 

C.Yelich      NBR  .301 J.Baez        HSG    34  C.Yelich      NBR    87 
A.Nola        FLP    26 J.Degrom      MON  2.16 M.Scherzer    HAV   306
J.Degrom      MON    20 A.Nola        FLP  2.27 P.Corbin      HAV   287
M.Scherzer    HAV    20 P.Corbin      HAV  2.46 J.Verlander   HAV   286
J.Verlander   HAV    17 M.Scherzer    HAV  2.67 A.Nola        FLP   268 
B.Snell       MIN    16  N.Syndergaard MON  2.93 J.Degrom      MON   266
J.Urena       HAV    16 J.Verlander   HAV  2.96 B.Snell       MIN   258
5 Players     with   15 C.Kluber      NFD  3.00 C.Carrasco    WOT   254
  W.Buehler     PHX  3.08 G.Cole        LIS   245
  M.Clevinger   NBR  3.09 C.Sale        WOT   243 
   B.Snell       MIN  3.12 T.Bauer       NBR   223 

2019 NMLSOM Division Lineups

Nietzchean Division Socratic Division
Monroe Matadors Fort Lauderdale Phillies
Long Island Sound Minnesota Northern Lights
San Joaquin Valley Wasps Worcester Tornadoes
Niagara Falls Daredevils California Surf
Monongahela Mongrels Rock River Renegades
New Britain Rock Cats Haven Horsemen
Northeast Neanderthals Homestead Grays
Phoenix Thunder Hartford Dark Blues

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