Mr. Mulgrew's Writing and Grammar Page


Online Resources:
Roget's Thesaurus

Grammar Resources:
-- From the University of Ottawa
Parts of Speech Notes-- From Hypergrammar
Parts of the Sentence Notes-- From Hypergrammar A good source for usage problems or questions.
Sample P.S.A.T.-- It is free; do you dare?
Pronoun Page

Verb Page

Comma Rules  A very clear explanation that goes deeper than our grade.

Subject and Predicate Practice

Adjective and Adverb Practice

Conjunctions, Interjections, and Compound Sentence Page

Writing Help:
Writing Effective Introductions for Persuasive Essays.  A great resource for three-part-thesis statements and writing effective leads.
Persuasive Writing Signal Words.  This is a valuable resource when you just can't find the right words  to start a sentence or paragraph.  It also includes signal words for comparison and contrast essays and transitions.

Writing Effective Introductions for Informative Writing-- "Respect Essay"  Get your leads here!

Writing Effective Introductions for Informative Writing--  "Planet Zerax Essay"  

Paragraph Organization in Dialog Exercise.


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