2015 Peak Master Student Packet/ Chapter Notes  
Each boldfaced question should be answered as if it were an MCAS Open Response.  They will be evaluated and tracked over the course of the novel.

Due Week One, Class Two, Pgs. 1-25: March 1.

1. What happened to Peak’s cheek and ear?
2. What is “tagging”?
3. What punishments were given to Peak?
4.  Other than Peak's punishments describe two bad events that resulted from Peak's actions.


Due Week One, Class Three, Pgs. 26-37:

1.  How did Peak begin climbing?  
2.  Describe two reasons why the judge agreed to Peak leaving with Josh?
3.  What do we learn about the relationship history of Peak’s parents?  
4.  What are three types of writing advice the author shares through Peak’s teacher, Vincent?


Due Week One, Class Four, Pgs. 38-66:

1. Describe two reasons why did Zopa make the boys walk up to the Base Camp instead of ride AND carry extra gear?


Due Week Two, Class One, Pgs. 67-97:  This is March 2nd.
1.  Describe the scene at the first camp.  
2.  Why was there a film crew on Everest?
3.  What are the positive and negative reasons for having Holly Angelo with them?
4.  Explain the Puja ceremony.
5.  What is a “Self-arrest”?


Due Week Two, Class Two, Pgs. 98-121
1.  Why can a Gamow Bag save a life?
2.  How does Roland Smith feel about the porters, herders, and yaks on Everest?
Refer to p. 109 and 110.
3.  Explain how acclimatization works.
4.  Describe two, new dangers that are depicted?


Due Week Two, Class Three, Pgs. 122-150:

1. What did Rolf’s letter mean to Peak?
2. What are the results of the secret meeting?
3. Describe the lives of the Porters and Sherpas.

Due Week Two, Class Four, Pgs. 151-172:

1. Why is Captain Shek such a threat?
2. What is significant about Roland’s statement on p. 154. “You don’t have to be alone,
to feel alone.”?  Do you agree with that statement?
3. What two types of changes did Holly Angelo go through?


Due Week Three, Class One, Pgs. 173-196: This is March 9th.

1. How does the phone call from Peak’s mom change him? Detail what he was like before the call and what she says he will have to be like once he hangs up.
2. How does Peak interfere with the family business?


Due Week Three, Class Two, Pgs. 197-221.  
1.  What causes Peak and Sun-jo’s relationship to change?  What is the outcome of that event?
2.  Describe life at camp Camp 3 ½. 
3.  Describe two ways how is the climbing different on the way to camps five and six?

  Due Week Three, Class Three, Pgs. 221-246-end:

1. What types of changes did Peak go through physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially? (Think four SQA's)
2. Why did Peak change at the summit of Everest?
3. Will Peak ever go back to Everest?  

Week Three, Class Four- I.S.Q.A. Writing Unit Evaluation.

Week Three, Class Four- Peak Test Blocks A and D

Evaluative- In class Discussion- No written answers are needed.

1. Why did Josh bring Peak with him to Everest?

2. Why is climbing Everest not a competition between Peak and Sun-jo but a battle

against life or death?

3. Peak received no grades at this school. If you did not receive a grade for any of your

work in your classes, what would change?

4. What does Roland mean by, “The point is that we won’t know what the story is about

until we know how the story ends.”.

5. Zopa complimented Peak at the end of a climb and Peak says it was “a whole tank of

O’s flowing into my bloodstream.” How do compliments make you feel and why are

they so important? Who do you most like to be complimented by?

6. Did Joshua Woods love Peak? Was, is, he a good father?

7. What did Peak learn from his visit to Everest?

8. Which character will you remember the most and why?


 Video Links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnN3ABP5XQ4  25 Cool facts that may make you want to climb Mt. Everest.