Adjectives and Adverbs Notes

“The Least You Need to Know”


Adjectives modify_______________

Adverbs modify ________________

 Yesterday the slime-encrusted lime green cockroach languidly slurped the putrid yellow liquid slowly oozing from the tattered left ear of the badly decayed roadkill.

Adjective Comma Rule


 The bright yellow bus quickly swerved and gently careened over the steel guardrail.

 Articles and the Exception to the Comma Rule

An        Articles= Adjectives

An old car was auctioned to the rich celebrity collector.


Capitalizing Articles

    Gone with the Wind

   The Notebook





 Demonstrative Adjectives vs. Demonstrative Pronouns

   Whose gum is this?

   This gum is tasty!

Proper Adjectives


 Her burnt-orange pants were an American statement to the foreign audience.

 The Good Vs. Well Thing


  He dances good/well.

  This is good/well ice cream!


Intensifiers: absolutely, completely, extremely, highly, rather, really, so, too, totally, utterly, very and at all:

The mucus-filled passages were intensely raw and were very painful in the cold months.

The intense wailing of the rubber chicken would repeatedly sing in his mind whenever his nagging girlfriend was rather mean or upset.

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