Dialog Exercise C, D, E.

Writing Asn. #4 Dialog.  Choose either C, D, or E.
The purpose of this assignment is to use correctly punctuated dialog to realistically advance the plot using the M.L.A. block formatting.  That means to continue the story for at least a page, but not more than two pages.  Please remember to use the block format where you don't indent, but leave a black line in between each paragraph.  Please remember to start a new paragraph when you change speakers, or when the action changes from one character to the next.  We have done this before.  Click here to remember the activity we did in class.  Paragraph Organization in Dialog Exercise.  Sometimes you just have to see an example, and you have it in your Google Docs.

Notice how there are two spaces after an end mark, like a period or question mark, and one space after a comma. That is the M.L.A. format.


Dialog Exercise C                                          Name ________________________


“I’m not so sure about this fundraiser, Heidi. It seems to me that a few people are doing all of the work.”

 “At least we will get the money we need.”

“But Timmy will still be a problem,” I said.

She whispered, “If we do this on a Friday, then he probably won’t come.  You know how he is on long weekends.  He just sits and listens to

Dialog Exercise D                                          Name ________________________

She was thinking of ways to hide her little secret. ”It really is no big deal,” she found herself saying aloud.  “I was just rushing to get home because I needed to use the bathroom.  Those scratches on the side of the car were from the branches on the side of that narrow road.”  It sounded believable she thought as the police walked up her front stairs.

The once-quiet doorbell now seemed like a gong and she muttered as she opened the door, “May I help you?"

When a face that could only be described as stoic replied, “__________________  


Dialog Exercise E                                          Name ________________________

Looking down at the mangled remains of the world’s only blind tightrope walker, I read the written clue aloud to my hapless partner.   “The music starts, the music stops, a scream is heard, and the perpetrator is dead. 

"And you think that will means this was a murder and not an accident?"  She questioned.

I should’ve only thought it but I found myself saying, “He was only an inspiration to the millions of fans that only knew about his talent.  Nobody who really knew him, liked the real him.  I knew him back when he was _______________________________


Dialog Exercise F                                             Name ________________________

"So, let me get this straight.  If I go see him play football on Friday night, it means nothing.  But If he was a soccer player, and not too many people show up to watch, then it is a signal that I am interested in him."

"Yes, going to a football game is more of a social thing."

"But that doesn't make much sense."

"Just be yourself."

"Well, that is not working, and dressing a certain way- like somebody suggested- didn't work either."

"And the dumb-girl thing is never believable for you.  Why don't you ____________________________?"