Drama Project Checklist:

___ Listen to Mr. Mulgrew's explanation of the notes.

___ Copy at least twenty of the Drama Notes into your notebook.

___ Form a group of three to five students.

___ Decide on which show your group will utilize to demonstrate as many terms as possible.

___ Complete the Drama Project Planning handout, and have it approved by Mr. Mulgrew or Ms. Roy.

___ Get cardboard and begin construction.  Be sure to not spend too much time on any one term.

___ Label each term utilized on your project.

___ Discuss daily, each person's role during class, and what can be done outside of class.  Think of printers, labels, and images of characters that could be completed at home, and brought to school to be added to the project.

___ Cover the project in construction paper so that the original artwork on the box isn't showing.

___ Consider which terms could be utilized on a sign hanging backstage or R.O.H.?

___ Practice your presentation as a group and stay in the order of the scoring rubric.  You present that parts that you built and utilized.

___ Present the project to Mr. Mulgrew for a test grade.  These should be completed by October 15th or earlier