Emergency Sub Plans 2022

Due to circumstances beyond my control and unrelated to the pandemic, I am unable to attend school.  The following plans are for students.  I plan to be out for five days of school, but I will be checking my email as time allows.  Every student has my website bookmarked, and these plans are located underneath, and to the right of the fisherman animation.  Students might get ahead, and some may fall behind, but I will check all work when I return.

Class One:

Read Who is Edgar Allan Poe

Watch:  mood and tone video


Read/listen:  Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe 

The audio version to follow along the reading.

Class Two:

If for some reason the students can not use the App, I have included a paper copy of this assignment as a back-up plan.

Use the Kami App or One Note App to mark the following link.  I will check it when I return.


Class Three

Monkey’s Paw Story pdf.

Audio Version


Complete at least five of the following questions in your Google Docs and I will check it when I return. (*Hint* You might want to discuss it as a table first.)

“Monkey’s Paw” Comprehension Questions (Honors)



“Monkey’s Paw” Comprehension Questions  (CP)


Class Four

These tasks are short due to the schedule of 45 minute class, but it will also allow those that are behind, an opportunity to catch-up with the rest of the class.

The Simpson’s “The Monkey’s Paw”

The Simpsons:  "The Raven"


Reminder for the Substitute:  Due to health concerns, please allow any student to access the bathroom and nurses office.