The Lasting Impression Project

Lets face it- sometimes you get a very small chance to leave a lasting impression.  When we consider our own collective memories, the following list shows some common trends:

        * It was funny.
        * It looked attractive or different enough from the norm to be memorable.
        * It was ironic or not what you expected.
        * It appealed to your senses.
        * It triggered an emotion.
        * It triggered something familiar to you.
        * It changed your view or was traumatic.
        * It fulfilled a need that you had at the time.
        * It had puppies and/or babies in it.

Your job is to create a one-minute presentation for other teens that teaches them one of the Top 100 S.A.T. Vocabulary Words. Click here for the link.  In order for it to be judged effective it must leave a lasting impression so that your audience learns it quickly.  These presentations or a link to them must be emailed to Mr. Mulgrew by the end of the week.


        * Every student is responsible for one word, but you can help other people with his or her project.
        * How can you implement the iPad to teach your word?  Which App is best?
        * How is this word used in the real world?
        * Google your word to get ideas.
        * Visit Youtube and see if your word applies here.
        * Click on the audio for your word and learn how to say it from the start.
        * Can it be completed by the end of the week?

These projects will be used to teach my classes next year and beyond.  Each project may be "bumped" by my future classes if they outshine your project, so be creative and you will stay a part of my classes.  The rubric will be developed in class.