Lyddie Packet

Complete the reading by the assigned dates and answer the questions with each chapter.  Questions with a "R" are required.  Questions marked with a "D" are class discussion questions and may be answered for extra credit.  All answers must be on separate paper.

Chapters 1,2,3, Due on Wednesday, November 5.

Answer the first three questions before you begin reading the novel.

R 1.  What do you know about the period of the Industrial Revolution in this country?

R  2.  What do you know about the textile mills in Massachusetts during this era?

R 3.  What do you know about the lives of the "factory girls" at the textile mills in Massachusetts?

D 4.  Who is the most religious character?  Explain your answer using actual quotes from the book.  Please include page numbers.

D 5.  How does Lyddie's mother feel about the lifestyles of the Stevens's?

D 6.  Why does Lyddie's family leave the farm?

D 7.  How is life different after the mother leaves?

D 8.  Describe Lyddie's life in the tavern.

D 9.  How does Lyddie react to seeing a factory girl for the first time?

D 10.  How does Lyddie's appearance differ from that of the factory girl?

R 11. Quote at least three similes from the first three chapters.  Be sure to include page numbers.




Chapters 4,5,6,7.  This section is due on Thursday, November 6.
D 1.  Describe Lyddie's relationship with Triphena.

R 2.  Describe how Lyddie feels about her father.

D 3.  What was happening to the wealth of Vermont during this time period?

R 4.  Describe the issue of slavery in the state of Vermont during this time.

R 5.  When Lyddie is allowed to return to home for a short time, what does she discover and why is this a problem?

D 6.  What is ironic about Ezekial's feeling toward Lyddie?

D 7.  What does Ezekial mean when he says to Lyddie, "A little reading can be a dangerous thing"?

D 8.  What happens when Lyddie returns to the tavern?

R 9.  Describe the coachman's entertainment.  Why does he do this?

Chapters 8,9,10,11, are due on Friday, November 7.

R 1.  List at least four of the regulations the Concord Corporation requires of the girls they employ.

D 2.  What is an agent and what do they do?

R 3.  What surprises Lyddie when she first enters the factory?

D 4. Describe the quality of health care Lyddie was given after speaking to the agent.

D 5.  Who is Mr. Marsden and what is his role?

D 6.  Theorize why Diana calls threading the bobbin, "The kiss of death."

D 7.  Explain what is a flying shuttle.

D 8.  Who is considered a "radical" at the factory and why?

R 9.  What is the average length of the workday?  What time does Lyddie go to work?

D 10. What does Lyddie realize she hadn't done since she moved to the city?

D 11.  What is Betsy reading to Lyddie?

R 12. Describe the summer working conditions.  Pay particular attention to the changes.


Chapters 12,13,14, are due on Thursday, November 13.

R 1.  What news does Lyddie receive from her mother?

R 2.  Even though the Concord Corporation has sped-up the machinery, what would happen if the factory girls complained or quit?

D 3.  How and why was Lyddie educating herself?

R 4.  Describe the state of health care for the factory girls.

R 5.  Why is health care important to Lyddie in Chapter 13?

R 6.  What was the Concord Corporation's view about Brigid's ethnic background and why is it the least of her problems?

R 7.  Why is Betsy leaving the factory?  Why did she come there in the first place?

D 8.  Why did Lyddie see Luke Stevens?


Chapters 15,16,17,18, are due on Friday, November 14.

R 1.  Who is Rachel and why is she with Lyddie?

R 2.  Why is Brigid slowing down at work?

R 3.  In Chapter 16, how does Mr. Marsden feel about Lyddie?

R 4.  Why is Lyddie afraid to return to work after her illness?  how does Diana reassure her?

D 5.  During Lyddie's absence, what happens down in the acre?

R 6.  Why does Charlie come to Lowell?  What dilemma does Lyddie now face?

R 7.  Why does Luke Stevens write to Lyddie and how does she react?


Chapters 19,20,21, are due on Monday, November 17.

R 1.  What are some of the reasons Diana is leaving Lowell?

R 2.  Why did Brigid sweat so much?

R 3.  What did Lyddie feel about Charles Dickens' account of American factory life?

D 4.  What does Lyddie post on Brigid's loom?  How does this relate to Ezekial's words about reading from chapter six?

R 5.  Which ethnic group is receiving more employment at the Concord Corporation?  Why?

R 6.  What dreadful news does Lyddie receive in chapter 20?

R 7.  Why does the relationship between Lyddie, Brigid, and Mr. Marsden change?  Explain in full.

R 8.  What happens at the agent's office?  Explain in full.


Chapters 22,23, are due on Tuesday, November 18.

R 1. Create a what wheel summarizing the major events of chapter 22.  Feel free to use separate paper.

R 2.  Create a what wheel summarizing the major events of chapter 23.  Feel free to use separate paper.


The Lyddie Review is on Tuesday, November 18.

The Lyddie Test is on Wednesday, November 19.

The Lyddie Essay Test is on Thursday, Nov. 20.