Paragraph Organization in Dialog

Copy and paste the following text into your Google Docs and practice the block format of leaving a space in between paragraphs every time you change the speaker, or the action of another character.  Also fix any errors in punctuation that you may see.  Also remember that you need two spaces after an end mark and one after a comma!

Why would you be scared of my age?  I donít know. Itís just that you are in an in-between stage. A couple of years ago you were all about your bike, and in a couple more you will be driving. Do you have any idea how old this makes me feel?  I donít mind getting older. I get to do more stuff.  Yes, some of that I am not too happy about, but you have proven you can handle it, I guess. It is my job as a parent to worry about growing up too fast.  Mom, do we really need to have this conversation? I havenít really screwed up.  Youíre right, Peter, but donít worry about girls. Having a girlfriend  isnít a sign of maturity as much as acting mature in every setting. There is a girlfriend out there for you.  Mom, itís like your duty as a mom to say that.  True. So, let me give you an honest opinion. Are you mature enough for some adult honesty?Ē  Whatís adult honesty? I asked fearing the worst; maybe a dreaded sexual relationship lecture. Those were as bad as being cornered by an aging relative with bad breath at the Thanksgiving dinner table. And when it comes to taking dating advice from my parents, I just want to get up the courage to say, Iím good . . .  Adult honesty,  she was calm (a good sign), is what I would say, in all honesty, to another adult looking for advice. So, here it is. Peter, if you donít do something different, then nothing different will ever happen. You surround yourself with the same people, and you keep doing the same things. If no one different enters your life, then you are stuck with only a close circle of friends. Let me ask you. Are you willing to date one of them?  No, I was flat because that answer was easy.  Then, you need to expand your circle, which as uncomfortable as it sounds, means you need to change your ways.  Whatís wrong with my ways?  You hunt, you fish, and you hide in your room. Not too many girls hang out at the bait shop, do they?  I wanted to complain that I donít go to the bait shop very often, but her point was valid. All I had was, Thereís still school.  Yes, but if you start something, youíll need to clear some time in your schedule for her.  I shuddered, and she gave me a look. She must have read my body language like Travis does. Was I that obvious?  What?Ē she said.  Nothing. It just got weird for a second. Taking dating advice from my mother.  Yes, but is it clear that it is good advice, even though I am your mother? Yes, and I also have to admit that I donít really have any connections with the girls in my classes. Maybe I need to look again.  No, you need to look somewhere else. School has been going on  for a couple of months. Branch out a little. Look outside your circle of friends and their little sisters.  Iíll be honest, you are right.