Schoolcity is a website that mimics the state's MCAS website and will be used periodically to monitor student progress within the demands of state testing scheduled for April 1018.

 Student Website:


Username:  last name_first namexx     ( xx=year of graduation)


Password:  6 digit lunch code followed by 2 zeros.

Special note for 11/29/17:

You should have completed the "Trial" and today's task is to complete the seven question assessment labeled, "Gr 8 ELA Common Assessment 1 "Be sure to quote the text more than once to prove your point.

***When you are done, click the blue "DONE" button, and then "SUBMIT."***










Teacher website:


Username:  last name_first name  or first initial followed by l ast name


Password:  If logging in for the first time:  Schoolcity1, then set up your own password


In order to best acclimate our students to MCAS 2.0, we will be using common assessments on School City.

The first assessment is a trial assessment to get the students used to the program. It has four questions and will not be used for a grade.  Trial assessment #1: open until 11/17.

The 2nd is a literary analysis with a writing prompt. It should be used for progress monitoring.  Common assessment #1: open until 12/6

We will create additional common assessments as the year progresses.


Test Nav Tutorial-- This is the MCAS website that allows you to demo the program before test days. index.html#login?username= LGN046141535&password=2BLSVJLA