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Many people are switching to the freedom and convenience of contact lenses. If you're thinking of switching from glasses to contact lenses, here are often several questions to ask:

Question: Why would I want to switch from glasses to contact lenses?

Contact lenses can be a lot more work than glasses because they require to be cleaned and disinfected periodically. However, contact lenses allow you to wear sunglasses, if you want. They are also ideal for people who want to play sports but whose glasses could potentially be damaged during play.

Question: What kind of contact lenses are there?

There are different kinds of contact lenses. You can choose soft contact lenses or hard contact lenses. Hard contact lenses need to be worn regularly in order to keep your eyes used to the shape and feel of the lens. But you can't wear hard lenses for too long at one time because some hard lenses are non-permeable and do not allow oxygen to get to your eyes. Check with your optometrist if you have hard lenses to see how long they recommend you wear them for.

Soft lenses vary greatly. Some are for daily use. Others can be worn for a few days before they need to be removed. Talk to your optometrist about the different options available since you may find that one kind is better for you than another.

Question: How much work are contact lenses?

Disposable lenses are available and an excellent alternative for someone who does not have the time or inclination to care for their contact lenses. These can be worn once and discarded, or some of them are designed to be worn for several days before being thrown out.

Question: I don't have a standard prescription, can I still wear contact lenses?

Even if you have an astigmatism in your eyes, recent developments in contact lenses will allow you to wear contact lenses. And, if you require a bifocal prescription, there are bifocal contact lenses available!

There are enough advancements in the contact lens industry to allow just about anybody who wants to switch over to contact lenses to make the leap.

Jeff Lakie is the founder of Contact Lens Information a website providing information on Contact Lenses

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