"The least you need to know"
Besides the obvious action verbs, there are other verbs that appear regularly. These words are often missed because they "don't look verby." Although they go by different names, you will probably never be asked to tell them apart. The important thing to know is they function as a verb that expresses existence or being.

-Linking verbs
A linking verb does not show action. Instead, it LINKS the subject to a word that either describes the subject or gives the subject another name. (Nomitive)
Michael is a monster. I am a loner. Maivis was the last person in line.

Am Is Are Was Were

-Helping verbs/auxiliary verbs/ state of being verbs
Although they go by different names, they all function as verbs. A helping verb is to help the main verb in a sentence. Together they make up a VERB PHRASE
Examples- "Jerry has gone to the game." "I am waiting for the bus."

Be                     Has                Can                    May
Am                    Have              Could                Might
Is                       Had               Will                    Must
Are                    Been              Would
Was                                         Should
Were                                       Shall

You will notice some similarities so memorizing the differences is important, but not as important as recognizing its function.

There is also another list of words that SOMETIMES function as helping verbs/ auxiliary verbs/ state of being verbs and sometimes they are action verbs. These verbs are the exception to the Good Vs. well argument. So "Bacon tastes good" is acceptable.

Appear                Keep           Seem
Become               Smell           Prove
Look                    Sound         Remain
Feel                     Stay             Turn
Keep                   Taste            Grow

I can't see the T.V.
"Not" is not a verb. So only the "can" part is the verb.