B) Client agrees that Special Solutions, Ltd. and their employees are empowered to perform said services for and on behalf of the client and to do all legal things necessary, appropriate or advisable in performing said services.

(C) Special Solutions, Ltd. and their agents/contractors/employees, agrees to conduct this investigation with due diligence to protect the interests of the client and agrees that whatever confidential information is obtained while conducting the investigation will only be given confidentially to the client.

(D) The client agrees to pay a retainer for services of Special Solutions, Ltd. or their associates and employees,
shall be $ _______ /per hour, plus $ _______ per mile, plus actual costs and expenses for each agent authorized by the client to work on his/her behalf.  The hourly rate plus costs and expenses will be deducted from the retainer.  All services are to be paid for by retainer in advance.  RETAINERS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE ONCE THIS AGREEMENT IS EITHER VERBALLY MENTIONED BY PHONE, EMAIL, FAX, OR MAIL AND/OR CONTRACT IS JOINTLY SIGNED, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE SERVICES RENDERED AND WE DO NOT PROMISE ANY GUARANTEED RESULTS. CHECKS, CASH OR CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.

(E) In the event that the client suspends or terminates the services of Special Solutions, Ltd. it is agreed by the client that all monies paid to Special Solutions, Ltd. shall remain the property of Special Solutions, Ltd. and any balances owing on the retainer fee, together with any accrued expenses plus costs of the investigation, shall become due and payable in full.  Any balances not used by the client will be applied to further work for up to a period of five years.

(F) The client agrees to pay Special Solutions, Ltd. the sum of four hundred dollars ($400.00) per day, or any portion thereof, for any time spent in court at the request of a client due to this investigation.  Said amount will be paid regardless of the fact that it may involve any type of standby time or on-call time.  There will also be a $ _______ per mile charge for miles driven to and from court. 

(G) It is also agreed that Special Solutions, Ltd. or their agents and employees, has made no guarantee or promises to the client as to the results regarding the above-stated matter or outcome of any civil or criminal litigation involving any part of this investigation. Special Solutions Ltd, will perform investigative or protective services to the best of their legal ability

(H) The client further agrees that all monies owed to Special Solutions, Ltd. at the completion of this investigation will be paid in full at that time.  All monies not paid in full as agreed will be subject to a one and one-half (1.5%) interest charge per month or any portion thereof for each and every month the balance remains unpaid.  The client further agrees to pay all costs of collection plus reasonable attorney fees.

(I) All reports furnished to the client by Special Solutions, Ltd. are for the information of the client only.  The client agrees to hold Special Solutions, Ltd., or any of their agents, harmless from any and all damages, which are occasioned by any disclosure of any part of said written, verbal, faxed, mailed or e-mailed reports.




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