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 Stand Up To Sexual Abuse

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The Purpose of This Site:
   1) To support the victims/survivors/thrivers of sexual abuse.
   2) To educate the public on every aspect possible of sexual abuse
       for the purpose of fighting against it.
   3) To provide an easy to understand web address that can be printed
       on t-shirts, bumper-stickers, etc. to reach out to the public.
   4) To also address the subject of sexual assault and sex trafficking.
   5) More purposes added as they develop - whatever society needs this
       to be in the fight against sexual abuse.

The development of this site will be a slow roll-out, one page at a time, each with a purpose, as they are developed.

The first page informally published page was "Sexual Abuse Links" so that any visitors may do their own research into the topic. This page is updated often with new links.

The first formally published page is "Statistics". It only makes sense that we know what we're dealing with, but first in the context of numbers -- how many people are effected by sexual abuse.

The next formally published page is "Why Don't We Talk About This?" This was initially an off-line publishing (now made public).


Published Web Pages:


Sexual Abuse Links
(updated frequently)

Why Don't We Talk About This?
(An off-the-cuff Facebook Post
that turned into a web page instead)

Coming soon:

Share Your Story

The Effects

Abuser Stats

Related Topics
(coming soon):

Sexual Assault

Sex Trafficking


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Last update: 01-12-20, 4:52pm (CST)
(Added "Why Don't We Talk About This?" page as a formally published and publicly available page, initially an off-line publish)


Last update: 01-11-20, 8:13pm (CST)
(Added "The purpose of This Site" section and "Related Topics (coming soon)"
for Sexual Assault and Sex Trafficking.)


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