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Part 1: Valid CTEC ID Number

This continuing education program is only for CTEC-registered tax professionals (CRTPs) who have a valid CTEC ID number.  If you are not a CRTP, please click here

Your CTEC ID number (A followed by 6 digits):


Part 2: Payment

No payment is required of you at this time. The grading fee would only be requested at the time you submit your final exam answers.

Enrolling does not obligate you to start or finish the course. There are no strings attached and you could exit the program at any time.

Part 3: Email Address

Free course materials are delivered by electronic mail (we do not send course materials by regular mail). Eventually, test results would also be delivered by email. Therefore, all program participants must have a valid email address.

We respect your privacy. California Tax School does not send unsolicited advertisements to prospective students under any circumstances. Nor will we ever sell, rent, lease or give away your email address to any third party. California Tax School only collects your email address in order to provide you with the information or services you have requested.

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Part 4: Terms of Use

You are requesting course materials which are protected by copyright law.  Copyright "infringement" occurs when works protected by copyright law are copied or distributed without permission.  Such misuse of course materials could result in civil and criminal penalties.

Course materials will be delivered to you if you agree to the following terms of use regarding (i) duplication and (ii) distribution:
i. Single-copy reproduction of the course materials is permitted for your informational or personal use only. The course materials may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, for any other purpose.
ii.  You, the intended recipient of the course materials, may not distribute, deliver, or pass along the course materials to any other person or organizational entity.  COURSE MATERIALS ARE FOR ENROLLEES ONLY.

Do you agree with these terms of use?


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