"Plug into this jukebox and see the faces and pictures behind the greatest American music!"

Lawrence Ferlinghetti


I donít know of a musician, poet or artist on this earth that Chris Felver would not embrace, photograph and get to know. He has photographed Allen Ginsberg, Toni Morrison and Norman Mailer. Everyone stops what they are doing for Chris. And the people who have met Chris feel his love. Thatís why, in American Jukebox, Rambling Jack Elliot reminisces about Woody Guthrie, and the drummer Billy Cobham talks about going to New Yorkís High School of Music and Art, and listening to the music of Dizzie Gillespie and John Coltrane. American Jukebox is Felverís big-hearted valentine to music lovers of all stripes and persuasions. It is full of messages and memories from the likes of Ray Manzarek, Roseanne

Cash, Terry Riley and Jim Carroll. In here you'll find photos of members

of every music scene playing under the sun, from Sun Ra, Kim Gordon

and Earl Scruggs to John Cage, Patti Smith and Buckwheat Zydeco. American Jukebox is a gathering like no other, a classic.    John Yau


Christopher Felver, Photographer and filmmaker has published seven

books of photography, most recently BEAT.  Felver's work has been

feature in over 35 exhibits around the world, including the New York

Public Library, Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles, The National

Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


David Amram is an American composer, conductor, and performer.


Lee Renaldo, founder of Sonic Youth, is a celebrated singer-songwriter,







American Jukebox profiles the spirit and heartbeat of our American musical heritage. 

Christopher Felver "master of portraiture," has collected over 240 photographs from

tours and encounters with musicians over the past 25 years.  From Doc Watson to

John Cage and Maivs Staples to Pattie Smith, this collection celebrates the tapestry

and diversity of musical styles that make up the American sonic landscape.  Caught

in action on the stage or poised and posed, Felver captures these musicians and

composers in their musical element, revealing the face behind the rhythms beats,

and melodies that have punctuated American musical culture.  Scattered through-

out are playlists, autographed lyrics, record sleeves, and contributions by

musicians sharing their memorable experiences of the era.