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Jo Dee Messina is an award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist that has given her heart and soul to find

success. She’s had 8 #1 singles, has been honored by The Country Music Association, The Academy of

Country Music and The Grammy Awards and was the first female country artist to score three multiple-week

 #1 songs from the same album.




In 1996, she released her self-titled debut, produced by Byron Gallimore and Tim McGraw. The album gave Messina two Top 10 hits and set the stage for her breakthrough, I’m Alright. Re

leased in 1998, the first three single releases from the album all went to #1 - “Bye Bye,” “I’m

 Alright,” and “Stand Beside Me,” as well as a fourth single, “Lesson In Leavin’,” which peaked

 and stayed at #2 for seven consecutive weeks. In 1999, Jo Dee released Burn, her first #1

album. The multi-platinum effort, contributed two more #1’s to Jo Dee’s collection, the huge crossover hit “Bring On The Rain” and “That’s The Way,” as well as two other Top 10’s –

“Burn” and “Downtime.” Messina went on to release her favorite Christmas songs on A Joyful

Noise, released in 2002, and later a Greatest Hits collection that debuted at #1 on the charts,

 her second #1 album.

“My greatest hope is that somewhere, somebody will hear this record, and find in it what I’ve

found in music my entire life,” said Jo Dee. “Reassurance, understanding, inspiration, strength

and compassion.”   from her bio



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