WindRidge's Oklahoma epoch is coming to a close

As with all wonderful adventures, change is inevitable and also exciting. The time has come for WindRidge to head westward to Oregon on our life's journey. We've spent many wonderful and unforgettable years on our Oklahoma ranch, and this change is bittersweet. We've seen our children born and grow up; we've made lifelong friends; we've owned and bred many incredible dogs; and we've loved every moment. As we take this next step, not all our family members, both humans and canines, will be going with us. As you may have noticed, a few of our older, beloved dogs have recently gone on to forever homes, and three of our children have begun their own life journeys as adults. Although we are now physically parted, we will remain together forever in our hearts.

All current WindRidge sales and training contracts will remain active and enforceable. Air shipping will be available from Eugene, Oregon airport, and we have confirmed ground transport options that are newly available as well as personally bringing puppies with us on our many return trips to visit family and friends in Oklahoma.

We will continue to provide puppies, teens and working adults to several canine organizations in Oklahoma and Texas (FYI Becky S., Sam V. and Angel S. the ½ way point is Rock Springs, WY where we can rendezvous for delivery when necessary).

We will continue providing the the public with our pet-companion puppies, show prospects, A..K.C. and S.V. competition canines and service-medical aid canines.

Possible future services offered  at WindRidge (after set up) will include: importing canines from Europe, personal training, handling, boarding, breeding services and whelping, individual and group training sessions and grooming.  The A.K.C., S.V. and specialty events and training opportunities on the west coast are are so much more plentiful than we have had in Oklahoma that we are anticipating many more titles on our dogs.
Our Facebook of WindRidge German shepherds and personal Facebook of ElizaBeth Jordan, Website of, email address of and contact-business phone number of 580-450-0232 will remain the same. So, please, follow us (virtually) to Oregon and be part of our Great Adventure. We wish each of you the best in all of life’s endeavors and great happiness in your future.


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