The blue states indicate where happy, healthy WindRidge puppies are living with their new families.

Brandon and Veronica brought Sirius ( WarHammer of WindRidge x Loki vom Kirschental) to pick up their new puppy (Riddick Vom Kuper Haus x Winter Storm of WindRidge)

I called last night and spoke to your Nanny. Sorry I called so late. But I was just inquiring about another dog
I bought Anna (Tabu's XP Coburn of Jagan x Keepsake of WindRidge) from you back in Sept 06. I just wanted to share some pic's of Anna. She has grown into a beautiful GSD. We just love her so much. She has become a part of our family and couldn't imagine her not being here with us. I believe it's time for her to have a playmate, and I am interested in getting another GSD.

I saw one on your site last night, and I was wondering if you still have him?


Thank you so very much for sending the beautiful photos of Anna. I especially love the one of Anna gently holding your absolutely adorable son, Lucas, by the arm on their walk. I can see she loves him and is very protective of him.

I'm happy to tell you that your new pup (Kash x Gunnar) will be on his way to you in the morning. :)

Thank you, Gary and Letha, for sending this wonderful photo of Azul (Imanis Black Jett WindRidge x Winter Solstice of WindRidge) and your beautiful baby.

All is well for our christmas. Extremely wonderful day, absolutely Zero Macey establishing ugly alpha, I think it is understood plus for first 30 minutes of getting here was outside in snow romping around and Katcher laid down and rolled in the snow at Maceys feet. She went in her kennel with the door open and took a nap.
Our walk was incredible, heeling side by side next to me. I was so comfortable I took Katcher off the leash and she ran around with Macey and came back like a champ. They played and stayed in the front yard while we shoveled the snow and ice and ate both in the kitchen with no problems.
Macho seems like he could care less about her, stuck his head in her crate to say hi and literally might think another Macey is here, zero hiss or anything and Katcher is quite loving and sniffs macho on his way to and from the kitchen to the couch. Today is literally incredible and as yopu can see...they are wore out.
Merry christmas Bone and Lisa

Bone and Lisa,

Thanks so much for the update. It was difficult parting with Dream Katcher (Winter Storm of WindRidge x WarHammer of WindRidge), and it warms my heart seeing how well she doing in her new home. Send more photos! :)

Zoey has gone to live with her half brother, Jack.

Pam (webmaster) wants to know if they have a guest room? :)

Just received new photos:
Jack (Winter Solstice of WindRidge x WarHammer of WindRidge) making a new Oryx friend.

Hey, look what Dad brought home!

Whoa...some pretty big pointy things on that guy, perhaps I should investigate from this direction.

Oh yeah, The Jack Man has it under control.

ElizaBeth & everyone at Windridge -
Hi!  Just checking in with an update on the Frostyman (Jett x Randa).  He's doing fantastic for a 5-month-old GSD (I think!)  He is almost finished with his first round of Good Manners classes.  His teacher thinks that he is 'pretty brilliant.'  Of course that's when he isn't being a HUGE pain in the a$$.  He starts some intro to agility in 2 weeks and is being fixed next week.  He loves to do retrieval training and search for people.  He follows me all over the house and will lie down in front of any door I go through if I don't let him in.  He also has to sit right next to me or on me on the couch at night, which is really nice when its cold.  He's stuck sleeping in his crate at night, though - it isn't THAT cold.  Hope everyone is well down there and you are having good luck with your newest batch of puppies. I have attached a few pictures of Frost.  One is an action shot of him playing with Lauren outside, one is him with his furry family, Sam and Lila, and the last is a little family nap.  Have a good weekend.  Go Pats!!!!

Such a sweet photo, thanks for sending it Kristen.

We received photos of two Warlock brothers on their first birthdays :)



Thank you, Bruce, for sending this great photo of your handsome Shultz (Jett x Kaios). Hope you're keeping warm up there in Alaska!

These lucky 6 month old Jett and Risa sons look sooo happy in their new home!

Kane owned by Nicole (pictured) and Justin.

Tank and Kane with Nicole.

Look who came for a visit.

Mike, Laurie, and Montana (Eros x Syrus)


Matt, Tiffany, Tori, Deven, and Azure (Jett x Kaios)

spent a fun reunion with us.

I am so very pleased with Baron. He has exceeded my expectations. The love and attention he received in his first few months with your family is evident. He has a great temperament. I am so thankful that I answered your ad.
I took Baron to the vet on Monday. He checked out nicely. I got him a microchip. I also got him a crate. On his first night, my son Connor and I slept outside in sleeping bags with Baron and Velvet (one of our Dachshunds). Since then, he has slept in his crate in our bedroom. Joanie has decided to allow him inside sometimes. He has done quite well. I just want him to be as well adjusted as possible.

He is still getting use to the heat. He doesn't like the full sun and always runs for shade during the mid day. We walk every morning and evening when it is cooler. He walks very well on a leash for a puppy. He stays close and already has a majestic gait.
I hope you had a nice visit to California and a safe trip home. I love Baron very much and will take good care of him. I will recommend WindRidge to everybody.
Thanks again,
Jeff, Joanie and Connor Clarke

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, so much for the beautiful dog you have blessed us with. Giovanni is so smart and has such great markings. He is doing well. We will send pictures soon.
He has a great temperament, very protective, and lots of energy. He gets along with are other dog very well and loves living in the mountains. He loves being off his leash and going for walks on national forest land behind are house.
He will be neutered this month. Are other dog got spayed 2 weeks ago and had to wear the cone. When she is healed we will get Giovanni neutered.
It took me about 3.5 minutes to teach Giovanni how to sit and shake. We are now trying to teach him how to lay down and play dead. As soon as I have 3.5 minutes to spare we will acomplish that. (ha ha)

.Once again, thank you so much for the time and energy you have invested in dog breeding, because of you I have what I have always dreamed of, a perfect and beautiful German Shepherd dog.

Dear ElizaBeth of WindRidge,
Words cannot express the love we have for our shepherds and the respect we have for your breeding program.  Briena and Shaw are not only loyal, obedient, loving and protective, but also tolerant and patient with our four children.  
I commend you on your dedication and loyalty to the breed.  The German shepherds you produce have far exceeded all of my expectations.  We cannot take them anywhere without someone coming up and acknowledging their incredible beauty and temperament.  
I recommend you to all those who would be interested in acquiring a truly fine family companion and friend.  Please hold fast to your high standards which have produced excellent German shepherds that are a tribute to the breed.
In Christ,
Autumn Baird and Family
Dear ElizaBeth,                                       
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I am writing to let you know our "puppy" Zeiger Bear Von Blue is celebrating his 5th birthday TODAY! How the wonderful years have flown by. We cannot thank you enough for our precious fur baby. Wasn't it just yesterday when our family received this beautiful 20lb. ball of fluff from you and your kennel? Where has the time gone?
Zeiger is now a full grown gorgeous male German Shepherd. He is the best! He guards our 6 year old twin boys, plays with our baby daughter, and makes a great foot warmer on cold Michigan winter nights! (laugh)
It seems like yesterday when we came to you looking for a lifelong companion. We couldn't ask for a better German Shepherd then Zeiger Boy! He is the smartest, friendliest, most wonderful dog we have ever owned. He obviously came from great stock. But more importantly, he was raised in a loving and wonderful environment at your ranch before he came to live with us. We couldn't ask for better!
I will highly recommend you and WindRidge Kennel to anyone looking for a lifelong fur baby pal to call their own! Thanks again!
Much Love,
Lori Juncaj and the Juncaj Gang

His name is Max. We are having a ball. He now won't leave the cat alone. Max and our coonhound Lucy are playing constantly - she is turning into a great surrogate mom.

He is sleeping on a dog bed at night next to our bed (no crate) and consistently whines when he needs to go out in the middle of the night - usually somewhere between 2:30-4:30 am.
We just got the dog collar. Invisible Fence taped the zapper on the collar so Max just hears the alert since they said he is too little to really zap yet. He doesn't like the noise at all. He pouts when he isn't happy. He is wonderful - thanks so much and I'll send pictures when I get them developed.
Patsy Thompson

Dear Elizabeth:
I received Bucca's papers yesterday. Thank you very much! He is such a good dog and has brought joy to all of us. I have to admit we have spoiled him, but, thats o-kay. He listens to all his commands and wants to please us. He also knows that Bella my other shepherd is in charge.
He is about 75 pounds and loves to eat. He heels and stays very well! And he is very good with children.
Thank you again. I will be sending pictures soon. Take care and be careful and I will keep in touch.
Thank you again,
Hi ElizaBeth,
It took me longer than I'd hoped, but I finally put together a little collage of photos of Jax to send out. This little guy is growing so fast it's hard to believe we've had him just 10 weeks. We noticed today that he's taller than Buddy. We are still absolutely thrilled with how well they get along with each other and how quickly Jax became acclimated to being a part of our family. He is loyal, eager to please, incredibly smart, and a big playful lovebug who still likes to sit in my lap.
We'll keep you updated and send more photos as he gets older... he is getting more and more beautiful by the day. From what we've seen on the website, it looks like he has Rikkor's coloring and long hair, and Spirit's face. But his personality is 100% Jax. :)
Take care,
Crystal and Kevin Hackl



Greetings from California!.....It's raining, but that does not keep our "Boys" from their playful spirit. I just wanted to let you know they are doing well together.

Jax completed his intermediate training at ALERT K-9 school and his progress is great! Crystal and I have decided he's a momma's boy. (He's really drawn to her even though I'm the "stern one").

I have enclosed a picture of him and Buddy and as you can see, he surpassed Buddy size wise. JAX's last weigh in was about 70lbs and growing. He's adorable and I can't thank you enough for allowing him to become a part of our family.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Kevin and Crystal Hackl

Brentwood, CA

(Bay Area)


Well, it's been a little over a year since we first brought Jax into our lives and we are thankful every day that he is a part of our family. Kevin and I got married two years ago in January and decided last year that it was time to expand our family from one dog to two. We knew we wanted a GSD, and as soon as we "met" Jax (via email) we wanted to bring him home.
Buddy and Jax have really bonded as brothers. Buddy is still Daddy's boy, and Jax tends to favor Mom, so we have a really happy balance. Jax is growing up to be a beautiful, graceful, affectionate and loyal GSD. He has proven to be a great jogging partner and loves evening walks to Starbucks, where he charms everyone with his good looks and manners. He is definitely a "people person" and loves to socialize with humans and other dogs.
Jax is still very much of a puppy it terms of playfulness. He and Buddy will play forever and then take a long nap, then wake up and start all over. Jax is a powerful chewer, so we always have a variety of heavy-duty chew toys for him to work on. He also still thinks he is a lap dog. He loves cuddles and kisses (and knows Mom is the only person he is allowed to jump up on for hugs). Wherever I am, Jax is at my feet - unless I am getting my jogging shoes... then he is waiting by his leash. Jax is also growing more naturally protective as he matures and always makes sure his people are safe and sound.
We never thought it would be possible to continue to bond with a dog the way we have with Jax. We love him more every day and can't imagine our family without him.
Best regards,
Kevin and Crystal Hackl


UCD Aleshanee of WindRidge, CD, TDX, RA, CGC, TC, HIT, ThD
(littermate of Jett of WindRidge)
Dear ElizaBeth,

Thanks so much for our little Kayos. She is dream come true for Joe and I. You know we had put a deposit on the Satin/Harvey litter and nearly decided to back out when our old GSD died so close to the whelping date, we were grief stricken and were not sure we had room in our hearts for another so soon. We are so happy that we did not. Kayos is all we could have hoped for.

Aleshanee of WindRidge, lovingly known as Kayos is a sweet, happy, petite young lady. She is a joy to train, learns quickly and in the words of a trainer that I work with occasionally, - she is a very stable dog that always tries to do the right thing. When we meet people that are normally reserved with GSD’s they will approach Kayos and remark on her kind expression. She is social with other dogs and is regularly invited to two play groups. She enjoys “river rafting” with her Golden Retriever pals and looks forward to long chases with her Beardie buddies.

Kayos has passed the GSD Club of America’s Temperament Test and is temperament certified. The final exercise at this test is a good demonstration of the dog’s willingness to protect. When the agitator approached and began screaming and waving her bat, Kayos correctly went to the end of her leash and stood her ground. She did not shrink away nor did she growl, bark or lunge she merely alerted and was not letting the agitator close on me. She loves to track and recently earned her AKC Tracking Dog (TD) title. This past weekend Kayos earned her last qualifying scores in both Novice Obedience to earn her AKC Companion Dog (CD) title and AKC Rally Novice (RN) title. Three titles in less that six months! Kayos is currently training for advanced tracking and obedience work.

In the future I plan on having her certified as a Therapy Dog. Her desire to be near people and please will make her en excellent candidate for this work.


Kathy and Joe

Kathy and Kayos giving a talk and demo on bite prevention to sumer camp kids.


Have to brag on Kayos again.....she has been doing the Paws to Read program at the library. Last night it was bitterly cold and threatening to ice storm and I almost did not go but I did. She ses the library and is dragging me to the door, tail wagging and just dying to get in. I put her Delta vest on her and the change was like night and day.  I see her proudly raise her head, square her shoulders (honest) and put on the "I am working now" look. She walks to the desk to check in with me, daintily puts her paws up on the front desk to great her fans (Sara and Joyce) and then walks in perfect heel to the children's reading area.

Our third child was a boy about 8. He was a Hispanic boy and he had his younger sister with him and mom was sitting off to the side, she spoke no English but her kids did and they were reading! The little boy read a book to Kayos and she looked at all the pictures with him. The little girl would not come near her. I asked her if she wanted to read and she shook her head no. They went off and came back about 10 minutes later and this little girl watched another child read. I asked her if she wanted to pet the dog, she said no she was afraid. By the time our hour ws up this little girl was having Kayos high 5 her, do nose touches, spinning in circles and downing with a hand signal. She was smiling ear to ear and petting the big mean GSD and even letting her take a treat off the plam of her hand. I think Kayos new she was a bit afraid as she was extra careful with her mouth, ever so gently taking the treat and never even getting tooth near skin.  Kayos was in heaven and loved the attention.  I figure when the kids are grown and looking for a dog for thier family they might remember that GSD from the library that was so sweet.  What an ambassador for her breed! Even the staff came over to watch her work her magic.

I sometimes think Kayos went to the wrong home. She loves kids and would be such a wonderful budy to a bunch of little kids.


Heidi with her owner, Madison. Madison's brother is Preston, and Phillip and Rene Patterson are the rest of Heidi's family. Heidi is out of Eros and Syrus.
This is a Majik and Rikkor puppy named Zack
owned by Robert Keener in Texas.
This is Belle owned by the Lane family of Oklahoma.

After we titled Addy with her CD ( she got HIT twice), we felt she would be happier and more useful as a companion to someone who needed the help she could provide.

I wanted to say thank you for Addy, she is a bundle of joy and energy. I was not sure about an older dog ( 2 years ) but you were right she is perfect for us. Addy loves to walk and run in the fields with out her leash, she loves rides in the car and play with the garden hose. She has proven herself as a great watch dog and very protective of us when she felt it was needed, and she was right. Since I have some health problems I wanted a dog that could help me in my daily activities and she is learning how to pick up things for me and helping me to get up. Just having her gives me security and peace of mind. She stays close to me all the time and sleeps in a dog bed in the bedroom, we have not been using the crate much any more but she will still crate up if I ask her. She travels well and stays in a motel very well. Any place we go people remark of her beauty and of course I think she is just beautiful in and out she is truly a very sweet girl and she loves us too. Thank you for all the time you have put into your breeding program to produce the best German Shepherds.


Adelaide Star of WindRidge CD
(pictured with her ribbons)
Just to start, we are in training with the Montgomery County Sheriff Department as volunteers on the K-9 Search and Rescue team.  We have been with them for 2 years.  Amber is both a search and rescue dog and an article (evidence) dog. 
We train every week (Sundays) with the entire team, and we also practice on our own.  We are on call for our county and 6 more surrounding counties.  We do a lot of demonstrations at schools, churches, etc. 
We also do obedience and agility (she loves that!) with the team.
P.S. We test every month in article search and obedience, and yesterday Amber scored 98 and 90, respectively, yahoooooo!!!

Katie Maher

Katie and Amber
Binz (Misty and Eros)
owned by Thomas and Jennefer Mack

Dear ElizaBeth,

It would be difficult for me to tell you just how crazy Conley and I are about Rex!

Of course we realize he is still just a baby at 4 months, but he is already doing well with some simple commands, and he is learning to walk "heel" with Conley. Of course we have him in obedience training but are still working with him at home.

We are so grateful to you for all your advice, but most of all for providing us with the handsomist, smartest, and most loving friend we could ever hope for.

Kindest Regards,

Nina Smith-Leckie

Major (Eros and Risa)
owned by Jack Massey
Dear ElizaBeth,
I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am with OshLynn.  Robert was very concerned about having a dog around the kids, but I am extremely pleased to tell you that OshLynn impressed Robert last night.  The kids took a late nap and woke up around 8ish.  We sat down to a late dinner, about 8:30-9, and Osh was lying by the gate at the kitchen as usual when we eat.  All of a sudden her head popped up and she began looking around, taking inventory as to where everyone was.  Just as soon as she looked at all of us, she was standing, barking, which she has not done since we got her, and then started jumping on the door.  Robert stated that something didn't feel right.  I let Osh outside as Robert put his boots on.  Osh stood guard on the porch until Robert went outside, then she darted for the side gate.  When Robert got to the gate, OshLynn was still barking and jumping on the fence.  Someone was in our backyard.
I never would have thought that OshLynn being so young, not even 4 months, would have the "ability?", to do what she did last night.  We are very very impressed with her.  Thank You so much!

Trisha Cook
Taylor, Jessiekah, OshLynn & Robert
Yo Elizabeth,
  Just a quick note and a few pics of our "Jewel". She's really fitting in quite nicely and hit it off with her big sister/surrogate mother. Likes early morning walks to the Quarry, and is very attentive to her Mother when it's time for her lessons. Let us know if you get these and we hope all is well with you and your family.
                                                                Sincerely Tony & Terese'


Yo Elizabeth,
Just a quick note and pic, we have moved from the quarry to this magnificent home by the sea as you can see it's granite block construction and was built in 1911 for an artist. both the porch and (our bedroom) balcony overlook Ipswich Bay and the Gulf of Maine. On a clear day you can see all the way up to Mt Agamenticus in southern Maine. Very inspiring. I have finally returned my Mermaid to the sea.
Take care and write soon. 
Tony & Terese

Tony and Terese,

Toby is in good health and has an excellent disposition. Thanks so much he is a dream come true.
Mike G.


We had a great trip home getting to know our new addition to the family. We stopped in Tulsa for a few minutes to let our oldest granddaughter see the puppy; when it was time to leave she started crying as she wanted Moose to sleep with her.
Moose will lay at our feet, if not on them, until we get up to move or do something else. He has only had one accident in the house.
To say that we are very pleased with Moose, and the whole process in adding him to our family is an understatement at best. We, Lisa and I will recommend your kennel anytime you need us to. If ever you need our help just let us know, to include, help with the rescue mission you have undertaken.
Forever in you debt,
January 31, 2007

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