Logan Jordan
AKC Junior Handler: Obedience

April 25, 2009

Logan and Jett earned a qualifying score of 177 for the third leg of Jett's Companion Dog title.

March 29, 2009

Logan competed at the Oklahoma City Obedience Training Club Spring Obedience Trials this weekend with Imanis Black Jett WindRidge CGC OFA (Jett). Logan and Jett competed in the Novice Obedience class.

In the Novice competition there are a number of requirements that must be passed with a score greater than 50% of the total points:
#1. Dog and handler follow a judge's course of heeling (on leash and off leash), making right and left turns, about turns, and halts. The dog has to stay next to the handler's side, and when the handler stops, the dog is required to sit perfectly on the left side.
#2. Complete a figure 8 pattern demonstrating the dog will continue to stay with its handler when making circular turns.
#3. Stand for exam exercise which entails commanding the dog to stand as the handler walks away 6 feet. The judge then approaches and pats the dog from head to tail while the dog holds steady without moving a foot.
#4. Recall where the handler tells the dog to stay, goes to the end of the 40 foot ring while the dog waits until the handler calls the dog to come, then the handler commands the dog to sit at his left side.
#5. Long sit and long down where all the competitors in the class enter the ring at the same time, line their dogs in a row, tell the dogs to sit, then leave the dogs on a stay while the handlers go across the ring returning to their dogs at the end of one minute. The long down is the same as the long sit but it is for 3 minutes. The long sit and down are off leash.

Logan and Jett earned a qualifying score of 184.5 out of a possible 200 placing third in Novice A their first competition together.

OKC Obedience Club Obedience Trial placements

Logan and Jett place

Logan and Worth The Wait of WindRidge (Zochite) receive her STAR award

Logan and Imanis Black Jett WindRidge CGC (Jett) graduate from Advanced Obedience class

Logan and Journey's End of WindRidge (Deja) receive her CGC

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