Stop Puppy Mills

What is a puppymill?

puppy mill

backyard breeder

Is a puppy mill a breeder who only has a few litters a year for some extra cash selling the pups with full registration to anyone with the money to purchase them? Perhaps it's the show breeder who has several litters a year trying to get that "perfect" show pup to satisfy their ego but has no use for the rest of the pups. Maybe it's the person who has a male and a female of the same breed and just leaves them together unsupervised in the backyard to do as "nature" intends then sells the pups for $50 at the flea market. Or is it the large USDA commercial kennel with many dogs of mostly small breeds selling wholesale to pet stores? Of course, most will agree it's certainly the rundown hovel with decrepit unsanitary pens filled with half starving dogs and unhealthy pups.

As we see it, a puppy mill can be all of these things and more. From the backyard breeder with names like Trixi and Bubba in their pedigrees to the all champion pedigrees of the show breeder, if the breeder cares more about money or accolades than the dogs, they are a puppy mill. There really is little difference between commercial breeders (with huge warehouses filled with cages of dogs that never run and play freely and never know the love and affection of a family) and the show breeder who leaves their dogs in cement runs only taken out for breeding or the occasional show where they spend days at a time crated in the back of a van or motel room. Either way, the dogs suffer from emotional deprivation and are only seen as a means to an end instead of intelligent, loving companions with the reasoning capability of a child.

The same goes for the "backyard breeder" who looked through the newspaper ads for a couple of cheap dogs of the same breed without any knowledge of the history or health issues of the breed then threw them into the backyard after they outgrew the cute puppy stage only to be fed once a day and ignored the rest of the time. And although we would do whatever was necessary to keep our puppies from going to any of those homes, the puppy mill that is the most horrible is the filthy, rundown old shack filled with dozens of sick dogs and dying pups that never get any veterinary care.

Horribly, Oklahoma has more than its share of puppy mills fitting all of the above descriptions. Join us and millions of caring people nationwide to stop puppy mills.

ASPCA: Fight Cruelty
Puppy Mills

Want to stop puppy mills in Oklahoma? Let Gov. Brad Henry know:

Report a puppy mill to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

HSUS Puppy Mill Hotline


puppy mills make us cry

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