How Teachers Spend the Day-off.  Comma Review Week Two

  Place commas where needed. Write the rules used in each example.

1.     1. Mr. Pierre went to the fireworks store and proceeded to smoke a cigar.
2. Mrs. Mullen came to his rescue and quickly put out the fire all around him.
3. Mr. Daley wanted to give him some more matches but he decided it wasn’t quite the fourth of July.   
4. Mrs. Kennard tried to give them all a lecture about being good but then she decided to mind her own business.
5. Mr. Cattabriga likes to go sailing in Lewis Bay or he goes over to Martha’s Vineyard for the day.   
6. Mrs. Morgan the school’s Librarian divides her time between school and her home in Woods Hole. 
7. Dear Felipe

                   When by the way will you buy me a shiny new pair of heels?




8. Aslyssa the intelligent scientist found a cure for Lyme Disease.
9. Henry please put those ear buds away and go to the office.
10. Michael cut your fingernails!
11. Bryson the kid that always wears Polo is cool.
12. Hi Andrew are you having a good day?
13. Sarah and Gio the two love birds went to the dance together.
14. Mattheus packed his suitcase and booked a one-way ticket to Paris France.
15. Tarah bought earrings shoes and a dress for the dance and she finally had the courage to wear stiletto’s.   
16. Ayden went fishing on Wequaquet Lake and Liam gave him advice on how to catch Tiger Muskie with live squirming bait.
17. Whose mom has got it going on and where can I get her phone number for my single friend?
18. Scarleth fell down the stairs at midnight slipped on the ice on her back stairs but her luck changed when she won $2,000 on a scratch ticket.
19. There was a green fuzzy rug in the living room.
20. Stefan how do you do the homework?
21. May I please have a pencil Jayda?
22. Yes I do love lasagna and this is the correct way to spell such a hard word.
23. Your hair Mr. Mulgrew is nasty smelly long and gray.
24. I went to the mall grocery store and library all in one hour.
25. Jamilly the perky loud student tried to fake being sick.
26. Luan did you get a haircut?
27. By the way I love what you’ve done with your hair Kianna!   
28. Jack you might really think you are the king but Greyson is just about ready to take you down.
29.  Yikes you really scared me with that mask Spencer.
30. I like football basketball and any sports on T.V.
31. I went to the movies the other night and the popcorn had the perfect amount of butter.
32.  I went to the mall yesterday and then my family went to the Brazilian Grill for the awesome buffet. 
33. On vacation we went swimming in a cold nearby lake skating at the crowded cold H.Y.C.C. in Hyannis Massachusetts and hiking in the Keene New Hampshire countryside.
34, Olivia the girl who blushes easily goes to all of the Boys’ basketball games.   
35.  Victoria stop talking turn around in your seat and complete questions one through one hundred.
36.  Gwyn washed the dishes but she forgot to clean her room and he was grounded until she is twenty one.
37.  I bought an IPhone 12 Call of Duty Modern Warfare and The Smurfs take Manhattan movie.
38. I ordered a large pizza with pepperoni mushrooms sausage and bacon two large orders of extra-hot chicken wings and a Vermonster with nuts from Ben and Jerry’s for dessert.   
39.  Mom did I get a package in the mail today?
40.  I really need new deodorant because I am losing friends.