Comma Retest ADDITIONAL PRACTICE - Grade 8.         Name __________________


Correct each sentence that has errors in comma usage.  If the sentence contains no errors, then write “NO Errors” next to that question.  Each example is twinned with a question inquiring why corrections were needed. COMPLETING THIS IS YOUR TICKET INTO THE RETEST.


Direct Address.

Two Adjectives.


Introductory Words.


      Compound Sentences.

There are no comma errors.


  1. Michael I would love to have more ribs and BBQ sauce.


  1. Spiders animals that make webs are very scary to me.


  1. When you go to Rhode Island Nick be sure to order a Dell’s slush.


  1. Mr. Cattabriga ate steak potato chips and a whole leg of lamb.


  1. Well it’s not exactly legal in this state.


  1. I saw Daniel by the way with Maeve and Kate.


  1. Jillian Abby Krista Maria and Tianna cannot wait until they go on a cruise.


  1. L.L. Cool J. the smoothest rapper in history wrote a rap about Ally.


  1. Braden couldn’t wait until the Star Trek convention and bought an awesome costume.


  1. She doesn’t want to go to the movies with you Brady.


  1. Melina and Riley wanted to go to the Wrentham Outlet stores but they couldn’t find anybody willing to drive them.


  1. Yes I believe K.F.C.’s chicken is the best.


  1. Coral-Lynn drove her model car forward backward and forward again.


  1. The newest cell app created by Jayden made him millions.


  1. Adult skunks in my opinion make lousy pets.


  1. In my opinion adult skunks make lousy pets.


  1. He loves the feel of an old faded sweatshirt.


  1. Breanna Roberts wanted to go to the Olympics but she couldn’t.


  1. Hailey went to eat at the Brazilian Grille and Nathan decided to tag along for the fun of it all.



  1. Ethan of course was the first one to drive Joshua to the hospital on his motorcycle.


  1. “Hey chicken why don’t you dive off the dock?”


  1. “Hey good lookin what you got cookin?”


  1. “Hey pitcher you throw like my grandmother!”


  1. Dunder Mufflin the worst place to work burned-down last night.


  1. Sophia Murphy the girl with ripped jeans stole Starrla’s hat.


  1. Roman Polselli the loudmouth was secretly dating the girl who starred in the Spiderman movie.


  1. Syed Shawn Nathan and Brady all followed her to her locker.


  1. “Syed Shawn Nathan and Brady please get to class on time!”


  1. I think we should give a Saturday school, to Mercedes Bee Hailey and Morgan.


  1. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washigton DC 20500.


  1.  1 Patriot Place Foxboro MA 02035


  1. 4 Charles Street Boston MA 02116