Comma Review Part I.

Place commas where needed and state which rule(s) is/are used. You may no longer use the original comma notes, but feel free to use the list of rules to assist you.

Commas in a series.
Commas in nouns of direct address.
Commas separating two adjectives.
Commas with interrupters.
Commas with introductory words.
Commas with appositives.
Commas with compound sentences.
There are no comma errors.

1.  The volcano erupted and killed thousands of pedestrians.

2.  Sofia Makenna Kylie Ava and Joshua went to Nantucket and spent the entire day there.

3. Matt wants to increase Daniel’s nose size and Daniel wants Matt to stop judging his nose all of the time.

4.  “On Saturday in fact Callie Jo broke a swing.”

5.  “After midnight Mr. Cattabriga tried to beat up Riley and she won by thoroughly thrashing him with her backpack.”

6.   Kayla stop saying blondes have more fun because we all know most guys like brunettes better.

7.  Isabella we all know you like to be treated like a princess but Julia calls you Cinder-Bella behind your back..

8.  “I already told you Jayda you are going to the Maritime Academy”

9.  “Mr. Mulgrew you have achieved the title of the biggest nag in my life but I still won’t go to the ASLP program this summer!”

10.  “Mr.Mulgrew you have to give the kids a lecture on responsibility.”

11.  Robin really liked him but to tell the truth sometimes he acted like a small child.

12.  Roman Poselli the king of rap won best album of the year.

13.  Kristopher Valdovinos the karate kid starred in the film with Jackie Chan.

14.  No I will not shave my mustache mom.

15.  She hit him hard and he cried like a baby.

16.  Bryan Dumont sat on the Equator and sweated.

17.  Mr. Mulgrew the psychotic English teacher made us write dozens of stupid comma sentences.

18.  Mr. Cattabriga the hippie made us listen to the Dixie Chix.

19.  Ms. Goode the cool math teacher lets us listen to bluegrass music in class.

20.  Ms. Bernhardt the gum warden gave us tons of homework on weekends.

21.  In fact Mr. Pyy is actually extremely kind.

22.  On the other hand he doesn’t even know what an appositive is.

23.  Syed was found robbing a convenience store with a banana and then he was sent to a sanitarium for the remainder of his life.

24.  Jordan Savoie my friend was not on my team last year.

26.  Fine I will forgive you for making fun of my girlfriend.

27.  No I’m not getting married Alex.

28.  Sophia Murphy got caught stealing a 12-pack of highly caffeinated soda at 7-11 last night but as usual they let her off easy.

30.  Sophia where’s my drink?

31.  Ava was swiftly running the baton to her friend Natalie but she dropped it and lost the race for the entire team.

32.  Hey that’s my cupcake!

33.   Kate the basketball captain won’t be at the game.

34.  Mary was accused of vandalizing 7-11 but she said it was her best friend Eleanor.

35.  Roshawn was at a Selena Gomez concert and Juvaughn was seen on stage dancing with the backup girls.

36.  Well now that I think about it Mr. Kaser is a cheapskate.

37.  Mr. Mulgrew why do we have to do this?

38.   Mercedes the troublemaker needs to stop talking and spend a little more time on her schoolwork.

39.  “Alaila the girl with four pets, wants another lizard.”

40.  Oh my God Bea I love your pants!

41.  Your prom date is old ugly smells and  has acne.

42.  I’m going on vacation next week and I’m excited to be getting away from Cape Cod .

43.  Zach go and fetch Mr. Yuen!

44.  “Mr.Mulgrew is obsessed with making foods like chicken pork and beef.”

45.  “Melina please sit down be quiet and work”