Deep Water Evaluation:

After you have had three people comment on your rewrite of "Deep Water," Call Mr. M. to have a conversation about your writing.  Please be able to answer the following questions:

__How much dialog did you use?

__ How many people commented on your writing?

__ Which comments did they leave?

__ How did you adjust your writing based on their comments?

__ Are you confident that your writing was better than the example of a 3 score out of 5?

__ Looking at the state's graded examples of 1-5, how would you honestly score your response?  In short, which one was more like yours?

__What advice would you give yourself that would have made your writing one of the top scoring answers?

__ When you looked at other people's writing, did most people surpass the sample scored with 3 points?



Click here to see the state's graded samples.    0   1   2   3    5   Another 5