Grade Eight Survey


Name ______________________ Date _______ Barefoot Height Fall_____ Spring_____ 
Please insert a selfie here.  I like to learn names with faces.

Copy and paste this entire document into your Google Docs and proceed at your own, reasonable pace.  Please answer all questions in complete sentences in the form of a statement. Also feel free to include pictures and video links where appropriate, and school appropriate.  However, do not use a picture or video in place of a written answer, but as an addition.  Short, simple answers are not allowed at the high school level and will be returned, but feel free to skip two-four questions that really do not apply to you or that you do not want to answer.  Submit your work through my email link listed on the weekly schedule.


Examples:  What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
Bad example- Um, IDK, Chocolate?
Good example- I don't know why everyone around here likes Four Seas Ice Cream.  Where I come from we have Kimball's and on any given night the lines are long for a reason.  It has much more fat in it, but that is why it is so much better!  My Uncle Mike also makes it from scratch and makes black raspberry with the wild berries that he grows in his yard.  He only gets enough  to make two quarts of ice cream a year, so it is a big deal to get some of it.  He also makes safe cookie dough ice cream that has much more dough in it than the stuff you get in the store.


Can you take a picture of one of your baby pictures or when you were under age 3?  Post it here.


Tell me about your family.




What are your favorite television shows?



What are your favorite sports to watch and play?




If you could change one school rule, what would it be and why?




From the following choices, tell me which two you would prefer.

A)    Take apart a lock to see how it works.

B)    Read a newspaper or magazine.

C)    Take a magazine survey or quiz.

D)    Draw, doodle, or paint.

E)     Write a letter or note, on paper, to a friend.

F)     Create something in the kitchen or on the grill.

G)    Play a musical instrument.

H)    Listen to a unfamiliar song from an artist you like.


Now why did you choose the above answer?



If you were just given $50.00, what would you do with it?  Would you answer be different if it was $100.00?




Tell me about your three favorite performing artists or groups.



In your opinion, what were the three best songs ever written?



What is your favorite restaurant and what makes it so special?


Tell me about a beach you enjoy.



What is your favorite movie?



What is your favorite meal and who makes it the best?  I should see pictures here!




What movie do you secretly love or did you love as a little kid?  Go find a cool movie poster of it and paste it here if you can.



What is your earliest memory and how old do you think you were?





Share a superstition that you or someone you know has.




Explain what you know you DONíT want to do later in life.




Do you think being a teen today is more difficult than your parents?  Explain.





What single day in your life would you like to live over again because it was so great?





What single day in your life would you like to live over again so that you could change the actions?




What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?  Is it in a meme?  Go look for it and post it here.



Who is someone you admire?  Why?


If you could show me a piece of work that you are proud of, what would it be and what made it so good?  Pictures help here if possible.





In YOUR opinion what is the biggest problem facing the world today?





In YOUR opinion should books, television, music, and movies be edited to keep people from being offended?



How did you and your family cope with the recent pandemic? 


Do you agree with the plans to reopen school?




What is the best thing you ever read?  What made it so great?



Tell me something that you know so well that you could teach it to someone else.



What part of school do you like most and why?



What is the first thing you do after school?



Tell me about a favorite vacation.





Which relative is your favorite and what makes them so great?  Pictures!!!




Tell me about three jobs you might like when you are done with school.





In which subjects could you use additional help?




What is the most important thing (material object) that you own?




Which radio stations do you prefer?  Which stations do you dislike?  What platform do you use to get your music?



Which song should be played more often?  Get a Youtube link or can you post the video, but only if it would be school appropriate!



Which song do you NEVER want to hear again?  Maybe we should ignore the link.


Which song or commercial gets stuck in your head?  I would love a video link!



If you could change one rule at home, what would it be?






In the space below draw a picture of something you enjoy doing.  Can you make it on paper and take a picture of it, or post a picture?




The SUPER-OPTIONAL part of the survey:
Are you sick of sitting in front of the computer?  Get physical and record your data below:

Sit-ups ______(Fall)     _____ (Spring)

Push-ups ______(Fall)     _____ (Spring)

Jumping Jacks ______(Fall)     _____ (Spring)

Time spent in a Burpee ______(Fall)     _____ (Spring)

Wall Sits ______(Fall)     _____ (Spring)


How else is physical fitness important in your life?