Night Quilt Project: 

Experiencing Elie Wiesel's Night together is a powerful experience.  As a culminating activity you will respond to Elie's autobiography in a unique way.  Your job is to design a paper quilt panel in honor of Elie Wiesel, other survivors, and of course, in remembrance of the millions of people that perished.  


__ I will provide the correct size paper so that each panel will fit together similar to a real quilt.

__ Using your homework answers with quoted material, your Night book, or your "Special Book Part Worksheet" in the packet to select quotes from this book that you find the most compelling.  Be sure to quote this material and use 'single quotes' to quote material that appears in quotes in the book.  The use of single quotes is REQUIRED, so don't avoid it.  

__ A quote doesn't count if you do not give the page number, and you have to punctuate it correctly.  Maybe you should have more than 10 quotes, just in case you make a simple mistake.  Please be sure to cover the journey portrayed in this autobiography: I don't want to see most of the quotes coming from a single chapter.

__ Do not forget to use an ellipsis (...) to indicate that part of the quote is missing, but isn't important to your point.  This may help you with longer quotes.

__ Consider the images that reading Night created in your mind.  What 5-10 symbols or drawings could you include in your panel to enrich it?  Remember, you don't want too much white space or your project will appear incomplete.

__ Consider the physical layout of your poster.  Will it be vertical or horizontal?  Should you create a one inch border of something symbolic?  Where will the quotes go?  Are the quotes part of a picture?  How big is each visual you are using?  Are you typing the quotes?  Just what artistic skills do you have?

__ Finally, you need to write a REFLECTIVE PARAGRAPH on what reading Night has meant to you.  It must fit on the front of the panel and it must not go over the edge- Just like a real quilt panel.  Check the rubric to see how important this paragraph can be.

**Each quilt panel will follow the same criteria but each panel should reflect a unique, personal, one-of-a-kind design.  Yes, I understand certain images will be used often like barbed wire and loaves of bread, but it is how you personalize it that makes it reflect the respect that you are offering to the millions of people impacted by the Nazi Holocaust.

Click here for a short, handy Guide to the M.L.A. Format as it applies to this project

Night Quilt Project Rubric                


Name _____________________________________  Block ___________



__ 10 or more accurate quotes, single quotes, and ellipsis used.
__ M.L.A. formatting is perfect.
__ Very polished or refined.
__ Space used effectively.

__ 7-10 quotes and single quotes accurately used.
__ No ellipsis used, or sole use of quotes or single quotes.
__ Slight punctuation errors.
__ One or two mistakes in M.L.A. formatting.
__ Paragraph lacks detail and/or not expressive enough.
__ White space needs symbolic images.
__ Not as refined, but still an honors level project.

__ No paragraph explanation.
__ Incomplete; 5-7 quotes used.
__ More than 3 punctuation or M.L.A formatting errors.
__ Damaged or partially complete/ too much white space.